Becoming Better…

The past two weeks have been some of the longest of my life. I am quite sure I alienated most of my friends and loved ones.

Why, you ask?
Because I am slightly crazy, I respond.
Well, what the hell could turn you into a freak royale, you inquire?

It was karate tournament time, and I was completely freaked out. Okay, obsessed, really. So much so that I am pretty sure my husband was trying to find a place to stash my body me until it was over. I don’t blame him, because I was crawling the walls like a young child hopped up on sugar and trying to demonstrate his/her ability to be a human bridge between the two sides of a door frame.

One second place, and two third place.

Our new “hardware”…

The good news, it is over. More great news is: Ben and I both came home with some hardware. I took second in sparring, and third in for my form. Ben was tied for second in forms and had to perform it again, which netted him a third place on his form. Our goal was to come home with a medal, and we achieved it. It was an incredibly long day fraught with nerves (this was our first tournament where we were expected to perform a form and spar), and by the end, there were tears shed by both of us.

No, they were not tears of happiness.

Become better...Nope, neither one of us was particularly enthused about our performances, and we both felt we could have done better. The details are minutia and honestly, not that important.

The lessons learned from the tournament, however, are very important.

My son learned that he is a fierce competitor and his competitive side rivals his mom’s. I think this shocked us all. He also learned that you can make an unintentional mistake, express regret and be forgiven by your peers. That priceless lesson was solidified when the instructors he so dearly admires told him of their similar situations when they were younger.

Lastly, he learned to brush it off and get back up again. After announcing he did not want to discuss the tournament any longer, later that night he inquired: “When is the next tournament?” After hearing the response of “Probably May,” his comment was, “Okay, I am ready for that one.”

Seriously, my kid is badass. And I told him I thought so. He was shocked at the curse words, but grinned from ear to ear.

My fatal flaw was that I took myself much too seriously, and I forgot to have fun and kick some ass. I learned that in a tournament, I need to stress less and focus more. I am so overjoyed to have my first tournament behind me. I too, am ready for the next tournament. Oh, and next time, I will remember to never enter a sparring match angry…

I did, however, get some great pictures of Ben and I competing (thank you to my awesome neighbor, Denise!!!! You are the rocking-est!!!) so I will also share them. Please do not mind that I look crazy and fat. It’s probably because, well… I, um, am…

Jess Tournament Pics 120112Ben Tournament Pics 120112(Click to enlarge photos)

Tonight’s black belt characteristic is brought to you by the value of modesty simply because it is not my strongest suit. Nor, did I demonstrate much of it on Saturday. I really need to remember to take it down a notch and keep chanting the words of my very good friend… “Dude, you are not. That. Hot.” This characteristic is also why I posted the picture and quote above – because sometimes I need a reminder that with every experience, good or bad, I am becoming better in many, many ways…


13 thoughts on “Becoming Better…

  1. Congratulations! I find taekwondo tournaments so grueling in the waiting – that’s when I start getting a little crazy. My daughter and I have done a couple, but they were all day and exhausting. Congrats again and enjoy your accomplishments!

    • Thank you! You are so correct, the waiting was the worst… it was an all day competition because of the multiple levels competing, and our level was the last one of the day. I went early to get pictures of the other levels and the waiting really wore on me. Now that I have gotten the opportunity to write my blog post and reflect a bit on the day, I am able to enjoy my accomplishment and smile about the experience!

  2. CONGRATS on the medals!! I was at the tournament, as a spectator, not a participant. My grandson, Anthony, competed (and won 1st place in forms i might add).

    I am AMAZED at the talent and discipline i witnessed. From the little ones all the way up to the older participants. i give EVERY person that participated a HUGE “HIGH FIVE”!! and a WOW! WOW! WOW!!

    Great jobe EVERYONE!!!!

    • Thank you Shawna, and I got the opportunity to watch Anthony perform his form… he was fantastic! And I loved that he had the 5280 Karate Academy logo shaved into his hair! Congrats to Anthony… he is already an amazing martial artist! I can’t wait to see what else his talent will bring to 5280 Karate Academy.🙂

      • THANK YOU!! I thought he did VERY well also!! But i may be partial..;-) i must add, he actually used to be pretty shy. My daughter tried to get him into karate when he was like 4, and he said no because people would see him. Look at him NOW! He also made the talent show at school with the bow staff. HE LOVES IT !! The instructors are awesome and so supportive! And I must give my daughter credit for for going with him evening after evening, and listening (and helping him) with the message of the month over and over again.

    • Denise, we love you all so very much. We are so lucky to have you as neighbors and friends.

      P.S. Thank goodness for spell check, I nearly called you ‘fiends.’🙂

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