Shhhh… Mommy’s Watching the Olympics…

Well, it is that time, again… It’s the time when I become a mostly absent mom. It’s Olympic time, baby!

No, I am not physically absent because of a cool reason like, I went to the actual Olympics. Oh nooooooo. No, I am definitely present physically, however mentally, I am completely checked out.

It’s because I am addicted to adore the Olympics and all it has to offer. The suspense, the underdogs that keep on going, every Olympic commercial that makes me cry every time, cheering for the USA and most of all, the medal ceremonies.

Most of the time, I find my eyes blurred by tears and glued to the television. Which, come to find out, makes doing anything else pretty impossible. Anything such as, oh I don’t know, parenting my kids. You know, things like cooking dinner, chatting with them, making sure they aren’t breaking their necks, etc. You know, the basics.

Watching the Olympics + Cupcakes = My Inner-Fat-Kid’s Heaven

photo credit: clevercupcakes via photo pin cc

So more often than not, someone in my house is physically pulling on me to get my attention. I am pretty sure that automatically gets me an ‘F’ in parenting for the day. Comma, again. Dammit.

You know what else is impossible to do while having blurry vision and eyes fixated on the television screen? Yep, you got it. Blogging. Sorry y’all, seriously. I promise in the near future you will see a post about Ben’s first sparring class inclusive of a few of the eighty-eight pictures I took. Yep, you read that right. Eighty-eight pictures in just under 40 minutes. It. Was. Awesome.

Oh, and one last warning… if, next week, you find random ramblings in posts from me in the middle of the night, I have two words to you to explain why. Olympian Taekwondo. I will be beside myself. Just a head’s up.

Tonight, I am dedicating ALL the black belt characteristics to the amazing Olympians that have and have yet to compete. To those that have spent the past four years training to be the best they can be, to those that are breaking racial and gender barriers when competing, and to those that are the underdog and persevere against all odds. To all of you, your efforts are appreciated.






Indomitable Spirit

2 thoughts on “Shhhh… Mommy’s Watching the Olympics…

  1. Me too… I was enthralled with trampoline today… not sure why. I have August 8 marked on my calendar. I just hope the Tae Kwon Do is on sometime other than the middle of the night. Luckily, I have my DVR if need be.

    • What is it about trampoline that is so compelling? I found myself audibly cheering for the Canadian who won gold because I was so impressed with the performance! Then they showed Oscar Pistorius qualify for the next round of the 400 meter race and I was a crying mess all over again! It’s a miracle my tear ducts haven’t completely dried up with all the tears I have shed over the Olympics. I am a mess…🙂

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