Let’s Talk About Weight, Ba-by, Let’s Talk About You and Me…

My song referenced in this blog’s title is not just because I heart any hip hop music from the 1990’s (because, I do), but because that song is about discussing a subject that people get uncomfortable talking about. And here is some irony for you… I am pretty sure there are women out there (like me) that would rather talk about the subject of that song (you know, S-E-X) for days than speak of their current weight for even a minute. But I have vowed to discuss my weight in this blog, so here is the next installment in my weight loss journey.

This may be shocking to you, but I have a tendency to obsess about things – especially things I have no control over. Okay, for those that know me, that is not so much a shocking statement but more a completely accurate and truthful statement. Due to my compulsion to stress, I promised myself that I would weigh myself once a month only lest I spend my entire day running upstairs to the scale to see if the carrots I ate for a snack made me gain a tenth of a pound. Seriously, without these boundaries I would be in the fetal position in front of my scale in my upstairs bathroom for most of my day. Sexy.

So on November 10th, I hopped on my scale that I purchased at the onset of my weight loss quest. The scale told me that I had achieved a three-pound weight loss in one month of karate classes. I was jubilant that I had lost almost a pound a week and was ready to see what another month of classes would drop my weight to. So two days ago, I closed my eyes and hopped on the scale. My heart was aflutter with anticipation of how much weight I had lost, because I am feeling gooooooood. I have seen changes in my body – especially a decrease in size in my butt and thighs – and I was able to push myself harder in my karate classes this past month.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes to see numerical proof of my hard work and saw the exact same number from the month prior. 197. I blinked hoping that my eyes were playing tricks on me, and at second glance I realized that they were not. In one month, I had not lost a single pound. One thought raced through my head, “What the f#*$!” It wasn’t pretty.

I slowly stepped off the scale, and took a few deep breaths. How could that be, I wondered? After a few moments, the rational side of my brain kicked in, and I broke out the tape measure. The tape measure told me that in two months, I have lost a total of six inches from my waist and hips. Okay, actually pounds lost would have been awesome but inches lost completely rocks! Yet, I am still not completely satisfied with my progress and I made a command decision. It was time to take my weight loss plan one step further and focus on my nemesis: Food.

No, I am not going to jump into another fad diet. No, I am not going to bore my readers by detailing everything I eat. What I am going to do is to cook the multitudes of healthy recipes that I have accumulated. I know some will be good and I am convinced some will be bad. I will share the good ones on a new tab titled “Good For You, Who Knew?” and ignore the bad ones. So forgive me if the timing of new recipes isn’t consistent – as I find, try and like them, I will post them. Also, I will provide as much nutritional information as I have – I cannot promise it will be in any way consistent. You know, kinda like anything in the life of a mom. Fun!

So in the spirit of my love-hate relationship with food (as in, I LOVE food but HATE to deal with the consequences of enjoying it), I am dedicating this blog to the black belt characteristic of self-control. For the sheer fact that I am going to need it to deal with my cravings of the sweet and the salty. And the savory. And the greasy. And the… well, you get the point. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Weight, Ba-by, Let’s Talk About You and Me…

    • Hi Steven and thanks for the comment. Actually, I don’t have a plan in place (it’s kind of the story of my life) and I was going to look into WW as well! Balance is just what i am looking for!

  1. Good luck on your search for balance in your diet plan! There are a bunch of plans out there and some do really work. Just make sure they are supportive and focus on not only weight loss but how to maintain that weight loss after you have reached your goal!

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