“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly…”

Did you know there are more adjectives in the English language other than “amazing”? Apparently, I have forgotten this fact. I was half-way through writing this post describing Ben’s and my first experience at a karate tournament that I realized I had described every person, place or thing as “amazing” or some variant of that word (I have been throwing out the word ‘amaze balls’ like a person on a mardi gras float throwing out beads to revelers below).

Because of my inability to successfully grasp and utilize the english language in describing the tournament, I have decided to simply post the pictures of our experience. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, I do not have the most sophisticated camera, so I am hoping in this situation these pictures are worth (maybe) 600 words – none of which are ‘amaze balls.’

So this is what I can describe… the individuals that participated in this tournament, had the courage to step into a ring to perform a form to their very best, and/or square off against a sparring opponent demonstrated their indomitable spirits over and over again. It was that spirit and their daring to fail was what made them successful. Because I don’t care how many pads you have on – going toe to toe to an opponent takes courage. ALOT of courage.

Enjoy the pictures! Oh, and if anyone has any recommendations for a reasonably priced point-and-shoot camera, leave me a comment! Thanks for checking out my blog!

Sparring Pictures

Demo Team

Ben and I

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