**FREE Child Safety and Awareness Class – Check It Out!**

Hi to my loyal readers! As I mentioned in my last post, 5280 Karate Academy was inspired by the Jessica Ridgeway tragedy to host free child safety and awareness class.  Below is the informational flyer about the classes! If you are a parent in the Denver area, I cannot recommend this class enough – it is great for kids to have some basic techniques on how to handle him or herself if he or she is ever approached by an “icky person.” Questions? Call the 5280 Karate Academy phone number (on the flyer and at the top of this blog), and they will be happy to answer any questions.

Please, arm your kids with a bit of knowledge and help keep them safe! Many thanks!

Click on flyer to enlarge.
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About Jess

Hi, I am Jess. I am an unemployed, overweight thirty-something wife with two kids who has decided to set the goal of earning a black belt in tae kwon do, along side my seven (going on twenty-eight) year old son. I am a serial quitter. I also may be the clumsiest person on earth. This is going to be hard. And really, really funny.

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